Swing It! teaches fast single-time swing dancing. Around the South Island it is usually known as East Coast Swing. Up-island and on the mainland it is often called Jive, though this is inaccurate. East Coast is also sometimes called Jitterbug or Rock & Roll.

Currently we teach at two venues in Victoria.

712 Cormorant St.
V8W 1P8
On Cormorant near Douglas, just across from Centennial Square and City Hall.
Cormorant is a one-way street that can only be entered by turning right from Douglas. If driving get onto Pandora --> R on Douglas --> R on Cormorant and immediately park. It is on the left as you turn onto Cormorant.

The gallery is a fantastic venue with great ambiance for dance, and is located right in the downtown core with the best bus service you can ask for in town.


Located near Mayfair Mall, this is used for private and small group lessons.