Friday, December 20, 2013


Tango Fusion & Swing It! are pleased to introduce the next evolution of partner dancing in Victoria:
The Carpe Noctem Dance Club
One part dance school, another part "all-you-can-dance buffet!"

Starting in the new year all Tango Fusion and Swing It! group dance classes will be incorporated into the Carpe Noctem schedule. Coupon pass holders (Groupon, Couvon, etc.) still have the same deal, and can register in the Argentine Tango and East Coast Swing classes using their coupon the same as always.

Carpe Noctem offers the widest possible range of social dance classes, allowing unlimited access to any (or all!) of the classes for one low monthly membership fee of $50, or $25 for post-secondary students. Ballroom, swing, tango, salsa and more, all for one price in one place. The only limiting factor is your time and your stamina!

Our inaugural January schedule has been announced here and we are now offering an introductory kick-off holiday sale on semester membership passes just in time for the Xmas shopping season.

For more info please see the website: